Phase one construction on upper Science Hill begins June 3

May 16, 2024

Beginning on Monday, June 3, phase one construction begins on the Upper Science Hill Development.

This phase provides an addition to Wright Lab, a new parking garage, a new Yale Science Building/Bass Center service node, a geothermal network, and utility infrastructure work that supports expansion in the area.

For occupants and visitors

Science Hill will see changes to vehicular, cycling, and pedestrian pathways from June onward. Temporary signage will be posted, making clear any detours and changes to circulation.

A logistics plan indicates the initial areas of construction at the project’s onset.

Pedestrian and cyclist pathways

Pedestrians and cyclists traveling from the Pierson-Sage Parking Garage will be directed along Whitney Avenue to access buildings south on the hill. There will be a clear walking path up the drive aisle for pedestrians seeking to access Wright Lab, Wright Lab-West, and the Bass Center. Pedestrian access to the top deck of Pierson-Sage Parking Garage will remain an open path to Wright Lab and other facilities along the western half of Science Hill.

Automobile access

Vehicular traffic can access the open part of Lot 22 and the entrance to Pierson-Sage Parking Garage. Access to several vehicular charging stations and handicap accessible parking spaces within Lot 22 will remain. Service vehicles can continue to access loading docks at Kline Geology Laboratory, Bass Center, and the Yale Science Building throughout construction.

The project team anticipates that construction logistics will change as construction progresses. Stay tuned.